Which paint to choose for paneling?

Which paint to choose for paneling?

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Answer: paint, varnish or stain ... All the finishes applicable to wood.

Like all wooden elements, the paneling can adopt many finishes. In the case of a paint, it is preferable to choose a special wood paint and preferably acrylic (water). Brush cleaning is easier, drying faster, and these paints are odorless, unlike oil-based paints. You can also opt for a stain that does not hide the grain of the wood. Colored for a more contemporary effect or tinted with the colors of wood species for a more traditional appearance, the choice is almost endless and suitable for each interior. Some stains also contain insecticides and specific treatments to prevent your paneling from being attacked. A matt, satin or glossy varnish will permanently preserve the wood appearance of the paneling. You too, send us your decoration question

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