Siding and open spaces

Siding and open spaces

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When the kitchen is open to the living room or dining room, it becomes less easy to choose the floor and wall coverings of this open space. Do we have to harmonize everything? Or rather play the card of the separation of spaces? What coating can suit the two spaces? So many questions on which we propose to shed light.

Wall cladding: play the parting

The open spaces allow a convivial and easy-going room, but that does not mean that each space should not be delimited. In a large open room, the ideal is to use the wall coverings to give its function to each space by creating two different identities but which remain in harmony with the other. And for that, we will play with the different colors. If you opt for painting for example, do not hesitate to materialize the kitchen space with a second color. Besides, you don't have to decide radically. If you want to keep the two spaces together, simply choose a color for the kitchen in the same tones as that of the living room. This is the principle of shades: if your living room is light gray, you will choose a slightly stronger gray for the kitchen walls. Conversely, if you want to create two separate spaces while freeing yourself from the partitions, color also has its role to play. This time, the kitchen will take on a stronger color in order to differentiate it from the living space. For example, if your living room is beige, this will result in a colorful kitchen with taupe or even stronger with red. Everything is possible provided that the two colors chosen can coexist harmoniously. Finally, note also that you can play with the different coverings by betting on wallpaper in the living room and paint in the kitchen.

Flooring: one or two, the choice is yours!

On the ground too you will have the choice! Indeed, the floor covering can allow you to delimit or not the different spaces whether in colors or in the choice of materials. For a very harmonious space, we are used to choosing the same floor covering for the entire room in order to create a feeling of space. You will then have to turn to a coating that aesthetically matches the two spaces but above all that works well technically. Indeed, not all parquet floors are recommended in kitchens, for example. You will therefore have to opt for a hard essence or one that has a particular treatment. And precisely, if you want parquet in your living room and you find it too fragile for the kitchen, you can opt for a second coating that will differentiate the two spaces. Tiles can then come into play for the kitchen because it is practical and durable. The tiling will then visually delimit the kitchen space to create two visual pieces. Finally, note that if you want to show a separation without using two floor coverings, you can create a frieze that will delimit the two spaces. This solution is especially possible if you choose tiling.