Romantic and creative curtains to sublimate the wedding decor

Romantic and creative curtains to sublimate the wedding decor

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To enhance the wedding reception location, garden, village hall, and more, the large, chic and voluminous curtains are always there. But today, it is not the merits of the fabric models that we are going to brag about, but those of atypical curtains showing a romanticism and an absolute charm. Top 4, let's go!

Pearl curtains

It is easy to rain a sparkling rain on the meal. You just have to turn the traditional door curtains overflowing with tassels into curtains, and the magic is created…

Feathered curtains

Hanging vertically on a single rope, strings of white feathers in series accentuate the decor of the wedding with a delicious light, vaporous and sophisticated note. It's chic, subtle and inexpensive!

Flower curtains

Take artificial flower buds, and unite them into garlands by the dozen. If the wedding reception is held outdoors, hang each of these garlands on the branches of a tree or on the roof of an arbor so that they form a bucolic curtain slightly flying with the wind. Inside, do the same around the windows! Intensely romantic…

Origami curtains

For the most manual (and the most patient), know that the origami creations made of paper multiplied by hundreds and hung on pretty satin threads also form exceptional curtains. Only one condition: use white paper only and favor poetic forms (hearts, flowers, butterflies, knot, birds ...).

Wrapped curtains

Pastel-colored ribbons as far as the eye can see, which we hang from a high perched horizontal support, and here is a finely cut curtain. Grace worthy of a highly chic wedding ...