In what case can there be a short circuit?

In what case can there be a short circuit?

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Answer: there are many causes of short circuits.

Defined as accidental contact between two conductors of different polarity, the short circuit causes a discharge of current greater than normal creating a short circuit current. This short-circuit current can then cause damage to the equipment, electric shock or even fire. There are many causes of a short circuit. The first is of mechanical origin, and results from a wiring error, a broken conductor or the presence of an animal. The second is of climatic origin: it is lightning. The third is of internal origin and is found in an overvoltage of operation. Finally, the fourth results from the degradation of an insulation (due to heat, humidity, corrosive products, etc.). To prevent the risk of a short circuit, circuit breakers, fuses, etc., are all protections to put in place with your electrical installation. You too, send us your DIY question.