Focus on egg-shaped decor

Focus on egg-shaped decor

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As Easter approaches, the decor works on eggs. But not on chocolate eggs! It turns out that the "shell" format inspired the "egg" design around emblematic furniture or very playful objects. Our top 3:

An egg chair

Signed Arne Jacobsen, the Egg Chair, a very enveloping armchair, became, in the 1960s, a true icon of design. A few years later, Eero Aarnio's Ball Chair, in the shape of a semi balloon, in turn became emblematic. Result: to appropriate the style "egg" without spending a fortune, it is the happy medium between these two pieces that we need: an armchair at once white, oval and enveloping whose shape is none other than that of a semi eggshell! To find here, on the site

An egg lamp

Nothing is more cocooning than brooding an egg-shaped light at home! At AM.PM, the rare pearl is called Leonid and comes in the form of an oval mat glass globe placed on a base of bamboo strips held by 3 legs on spring. Chic, natural and unusual! To discover here:

An egg coffee table

A set of two coffee tables, not rectangular, not round, but oval: we love it! This oval shape is also not entirely geometric since it is quite similar to the shape of an egg. It remains to choose them in white to follow the line of an aesthetic shell style. It is signed Fly, under the name of Cove coffee tables, here is an overview here: