Original silicone cake molds

Original silicone cake molds

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The silicone molds, we only swear by them! In addition to not having to grease or flour them, they allow us to make real works of art thanks to an infinite number of forms. At the time of the end of year celebrations, or birthdays, we then make a cake worthy of those of a great pastry chef. Quick, we are going to the kitchen! Princess castle or pirate ship, let's go!

To create sweets

Planning a single dessert during a dinner can sometimes be tricky if you want to satisfy everyone's desires and tastes. So that everyone can find their account, we make small sweets with different flavors thanks to molds in plates that allow to make 6 to 12 cakes on average. Their little extra: a multitude of shapes, each more fun than the last.

For special events

As Easter, Christmas or Halloween approaches, we imagine cakes for the occasion. For this, we get mussels in the shape of Santa Claus, small rabbits, large eggs, or even pumpkin. At dessert time, they will be a sensation with your guests.

To please children

Funny silicone molds are also an opportunity to please our little blond heads when the urge tells us. Animals, castles, coach, cars, pirates, there are endless to satisfy their imagination. Once the cake is unmolded, we start making a nice colored icing. That's it ! Our practical table decoration videos