Mistakes to Avoid When Sleeping Together

Mistakes to Avoid When Sleeping Together

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If sleeping in a couple is apparently a pleasure, it can quickly become a real ordeal if you do not follow a few rules to sleep well together. We suggest the mistakes to avoid when sleeping comfortably together.

Don't choose your bedding lightly

Whether you are alone or as a couple, know that a box spring and a mattress are not chosen lightly! And when there are two of us, it is a little more complicated since we will have to reconcile the desires of each. So, for the choice of your bedding, it is imperative to go to two in store to try the different proposals together. Indeed, everyone can then appreciate the comfort of the bed in a simple way but be aware of the comfort of the bed when the partner is moving. Take your time, try to take the natural position that you have during the night and do not hesitate to turn a few times to better realize the maintenance and comfort of the bed. Note that some brands offer to be able to return the mattress after a few nights of testing, this will be ideal if you are not yet very sure of your choice.

Do not keep your bedding for more than 10 years

If you and your spouse are for life, however, you must separate from your mattress and box spring every 10 years. Indeed, it is at the end of approximately 3650 nights that it is necessary to renew your bedding because if you sleep poorly with two it is also perhaps because of an aging bedding. Be aware that after 10 years, a couple will have lost more than 3000 liters of perspiration water on their mattress. So for hygiene reasons, it is important to replace it but also to maintain its performance and avoid feeling the springs or undergoing excessive sinking of the mattress. By changing bedding, you will find a more serene, restful and restful sleep because new bedding generates less muscle activity and micro-awakenings during the night.

Don't overlook the size

When you sleep in pairs, the size of the bed is all the more important! You should know that with an average of more than 40 movements per night, a wider bedding will provide you with better comfort. When there are two of you in bed, you should make sure that everyone can do these movements without disturbing their partner. Also, we will prefer a bedding of 160 or 180 cm x 200 cm instead of the traditional size 140 X 190 cm. Larger bedding provides more efficient sleep and fewer nighttime wakes.

Don't forget the covers

Finally, if the choice of your bedding is crucial, you should not neglect the bed linen! Indeed, the war of cover is a conflict too often observed in couples. To remedy this, we do not hesitate to opt for large bed linen and to add extra blankets if necessary to avoid that one of the partners is awakened by the cold. More info to choose your double bed on www.infoliterie.com