An ethnic decoration for traveling

An ethnic decoration for traveling

What if you were on vacation all year round? Nothing easier ! Bring in the spirit of travel and that of distant lands by concocting an exotic ethnic decor.

Exoticism at your door!

Warm, bright and colorful, the ethnic style delights in every room of the house. To create a totally exotic and exotic atmosphere, bet on accessories and decorative items. Adopt the rice paper suspensions. Drape your sofas, your plaid, sarong or blanket chairs with African, Peruvian and Asian motifs. Also select design objects that will enhance your decor. Choose for example African masks, candle holders in the shape of a djembe or even paintings and exotic vases.


As for furniture, wood dominates in this universe which gives pride of place to travel. Acacia, bamboo, teak, rattan or even rubber, rosewood are very popular. Choose your furniture in shades light enough not to darken your rooms. You can even opt for white furniture if you wish.

Graphic and geometric patterns

To give a bohemian and bright look to your ethnic decor, give space to lines, curves, zigzags, panther prints. On your cushions, carpets, curtains, duvet covers, this mixture of styles will bring real visual dynamism to your atmosphere.