Video: make a leather collar

Video: make a leather collar

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A simple leather thread and a pretty pearl, and here is an original and aesthetic necklace around your neck. Julien Navas, always at the service of your jewelry box, shows you all the steps to follow to arrive at a perfect result.

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Making a leather collar: preparing the material

Before you start making your necklace, gather the materials you will need: only a leather thread, pliers, a pearl and a necklace clip for making your jewelry. Before you start installing your fasteners, measure the length of leather thread you will need. To do this, pass it around your neck, and cut it to the correct length.

Make a leather collar: put the fasteners

Start by sliding your pearl or pendant in the leather thread, before placing your fasteners, because this operation will become impossible later. To install your fasteners, slide a crimp bead at one end of your leather thread, then pass one of the two parts of your fastener. Make a loop by ironing your leather thread in the ball, and crush it using flat pliers. Press hard. Then cut the end of the protruding wire, and perform the same operation at the other end, with the second part of the tie. Julien Navas' know-how is found around your neck. Watch the video Making a leather collar on Produced by Minute Facile.