New Nespresso Inissia

New Nespresso Inissia

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The new Nespresso has arrived! Her name is Inissia and she wants to accumulate all the good points, including a price below 100 €.

The advantages of Nespresso Inissia

Compact A weight of around 2.4 kg and measures of Lilliputian (120x230x321 mm). It would almost be the Pixie's twin if we compare the measurements (110x230x330 mm) as well as the size of the tank (0.7 l). Effective There are also other points in common with the Pixie since, like it, it has a choice of coffee size (lungo or espresso) and an automatic standby after 9 minutes. Fast 25 seconds of heating time, again just like the Pixie. Where is the difference actually? colorful From March (date of release), the Nespresso Inissia will be available in 6 colors: black, white, cream, gray, red and orange. Seasonal collections will add to this caffeinated rainbow the yellow, blue and purple hues. And for the most trendy, they can offer limited arty editions (created for example by Vahram Muratyan, famous for his Paris vs New York) only available in Nespresso boutiques. The brand has even announced a partnership with Ressource paints to match the kitchen walls with its coffee maker (or vice versa).

The great asset of Nespresso Inissia

If we had to retain only one, it would necessarily be this one. The price of Nespresso Inissia is close to the daisies, announced at € 99 all round to try to convince those who usually turn to Senseo or Tassimo. With the sponsorship coupons and reduction codes, we are slowly approaching the free machine (but do not dream for pods).
On the manufacturers' side, Magimix and Krups remain the brand's official suppliers. Krups, Nespresso Inissia, YY 1530 (white), YY 1532 (blue) Magimix, Nespresso Inissia M105, 11353 (gray) and 11350 (black)
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