A family home atmosphere lounge

A family home atmosphere lounge

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The family house style is on the rise and has become a fundamental trend in recent years. With its authentic furniture that is both chic and classic, its soothing and warm tones and its many decorative objects that cross generations, the family home style has it all. For friendly family reunions, we adopt the family house style in our living room without further ado.

A country-style family room

Designed to receive family and friends throughout the year, this lounge elegantly combines country spirit and modernity. He seduces with his sober universe, close to nature. The natural materials, the palette of colors, both bright and warm, oscillate between white and beige and give the whole space an authentic and reassuring style. The decoration made up of numerous objects and souvenirs is intended to be convivial and cozy, like the soft sofa enthroned in the center of the space and the clock seemingly straight out of another era.
Photo credit: Maisons du Monde

The elegance of the classic family room

Sobriety and simplicity are the order of the day in this classic Haussmann style living room. Let yourself be captivated by the noble materials, the spacious dimensions of the furniture and the soft and soothing colors of this charming living room. Star of this interior, the very cozy linen sofa that blends in both modern and old reinforces the family home spirit of yesteryear. Characteristic of this trend, the clay fireplace is the promise of long family evenings by the fireside.
Photo credits: Du Bout du Monde

An ethnic inspired family room

The traditional family home style is revolutionizing this ethnically inspired interior. We focus on comfort, the warm and welcoming side by favoring warm colors and selecting decorative objects from around the world. Keeping the traditional codes of the family house style, the living room becomes a refuge, a cocoon, in which we try to forget the problems of everyday life. And, to maximize this effect and reinforce this cocooning side, we adopt a comfortable and soft sofa.
Photo credits: Miral Déco

The sweetness of the romantic family room

A little country air tinged with romance floats in this warm and natural living room. To reinforce the charm effect of yesteryear, we give way to the tones of white, beige and gray which will undoubtedly bring sweetness of life and serenity. To accentuate the effect aged by time, we play the contrast between the color of the wood and that of the patina and we prefer curved shapes which will give an authentic side to our interior. The acid colors of the objects chosen with subtlety rejuvenate the general atmosphere.
Photo credits: Maison du monde

The charm of large family homes

The family house style is also the large family homes of yesteryear. To meet the large volumes of these houses, we therefore favor furniture with imposing dimensions and we choose furniture made with noble woods enhanced by time. Like this sublime table, ideal for reunions of lively and friendly families, we select colorful and warm decorative objects. Candles placed here and there will warm the atmosphere. Finally, we play the contemporary card by choosing a trendy color for its walls.
Photo credits: Du Bout du Monde